Standards-Based Grading

We Use Standards-Based Grading to Better Assess Learning.

What is standards-based grading?

  • Standards-based grading shows how a student performs on a set of learning targets called standards.
  • Learning targets help us understand what a student has learned and understand (knowledge), and what they are able to do (skills they have developed).  Where averaging grades/scores on tests do not tell us how well a student understands the material.

Why do we use standards-based grading?

Standards-based grading reports what students should know and be able to do within each content area at each grade level. It provides real-time monitoring of student performance that gives us a more accurate picture of student achievement.  Standards-based grading requires students to explain what they learned or did not learn rather than memorize information for a test.  It can benefit all learners – students who struggle and accelerated learners.  Parents are provided information on specific standards while receiving meaningful feedback.


JumpRope is an online website that teachers will use to share your child’s grades, so you can see how they are doing in school. Both parents and students have access to JumpRope.

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