Like all NYC public School Leadership Teams, our School Leadership Team (SLT) is made up of equal representation of administration, staff and parents, as well as two 8th grade representatives. Our SLT works collaboratively each year to define one or more schoolwide goals or projects during monthly meetings. Some examples of SLT goals have been creating more opportunities for students to engage in community service, the creation of a fieldwork directory as a resource for staff & parents, and exploring issues of diversity in our school.  The SLT meets once a month.

2020 – 2021 SLT members are:

  • Parents
    • Jaye Skinner
    • Tina Habib
    • Rohi Mirza Pandya
    • Michele Greenberg
    • Cateia Rembert
    • Jon Payson
  • Staff
    • Mark Chesterton (UFT Rep)
    • Susan Stevens (Teaching Staff)
    • Michael Perlberg (Principal)

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