MS 839 was founded on the mission to develop young people who can think critically, communicate effectively, and collaborate with a spirit of curiosity and discovery. The core program at MS 839 prepares students academically through a rigorous, interdisciplinary, project-based instructional model and supports students socially and emotionally through a comprehensive small group advisory program.

We believe that all children benefit from broad exposure to the arts, music, world languages, and technology; so student learning will be infused with these in-depth electives. MS 839 thrives from the unique diversity of our community, and we believe that by working together with our families to make thoughtful decisions we can provide an educational experience that readies our students for high school, post-secondary education, and the real world.

Core Values

The following core values are at the center of our mission for all members of the school community, including students, families, and the entire staff.

Community: We build and care for community.

Challenge: We challenge ourselves to grow.

Responsibility: We take responsibility for ourselves, each other, and the world.