The core program at MS 839 prepares students academically through a rigorous, interdisciplinary, project-based instructional model. Academic courses are structured around an exploratory theme, or expedition. The academic year is divided into 3 main expeditions, in which students’ humanities, math, and science instruction are planned and intertwine to support the central question of that term’s expedition.


School Technology Systems

At MS 839 our goal is to make sure all students know how to be safe and smart users of technology.  We will teach students how to appropriately use computers as tools for communication, exploration, research, and learning.

We have created a school Google account for each student on the MS 839 domain. In addition to accessing Google Classroom tools in class, your child can use their ms839.org email accounts to:

  • Look at the Math Homework Tracker answer keys and check their answers on Google Drive
  • Create writing projects in Google Drive for Humanities and Theater
  • Communicate with teachers to ask questions and get clarification Uuse Google classroom for electives like Computer Programming

Grading and Assessment

We use Standards Based Grading to better assess student learning.