MetroCards will be distributed during the first few days of school to all eligible students (residing more than 0.5 miles from school).

Student MetroCards are – 

    • Different from “regular” MetroCards sold to the public
    • Good for three trips each school day; allowing a student to travel to school, from school to an after-school activity, and from that activity to home
    • Only to be used by the student to whom it was assigned
    • For traveling to and from school and school-related activities between 5:30AM and 8:30PM
    • For traveling only on days when the student’s school is open for classes
    • Valid for one school semester

6th Grade Bus Route

There is a 6th grade general education bus route. The Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) will inform the school about the timing and route stops. As soon as we have information, we’ll share with 6th grade families. However, please make sure to have an alternate plan to get your student to school, especially during the first few weeks of the school year. The shortage of bus drivers and traffic conditions create extremely challenging situations so be prepared to get your child to school on your own.